Podcast Episode #054 – The Gratitude Whisper

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In this episode the “Doctah” discusses – Gratitude!
Can you find a way to be thankful for that thing didn’t quite go the way that you wanted?

When faced with challenges do you find the good in them or do you let stress take over?

Gratitude is one of those things that is rarely expressed when things that are positive happened to the individual I myself try to live with ingratitude every day and that’s what today’s podcast is about gratitude and what you can do to live a grateful life.

Finding the capacity to be grateful at all times has a tendency to lead you to a place where your mind is is at peace. A place where you can think clearly and you can make things happen for yourself in a good way. and for those run what’s listening to the The “Doctah” as he discusses this topic.

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from The Raphael “Doctah” Love Show


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