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Raphael Love’s Investor Recognition Empire Avenue – 6/20/2011

This is a continuation of the post that can be found here.

Today I would like to recognize the following investors:

(e)LIZS –
(e)21GUNS –
(e)JONAK –

They have invested in me and I now return that with this recognition! They are all awesome investments as well!
If you are an investor in (e)Raphaellove You too might wind up on the next recognition page!

For those of you who use twitter I can be found  here


Raphael Love – Empire Avenue Recognition Intro

Today I decided that I should start showing love to the wonderful people that have invested in me. I recognize that Social Media Is about being social.

So this will be where I show some respect for those who have done the same for me on Empire Avenue.

This being the first post on this subject I thought I would first explain what Empire Avenue is all about…

Empire Avenue is a stock exchange simulation social network game that permits individuals to buy and sell shares of people and websites. It began in February 2010 as an invitation-only closed beta before launching to the public in July 2010. Registration and game play is cost-free.

The price of a player’s share depends on the ticker’s stock purchasing and selling, along with social networking activity. The players can have a number of backers, which will definitely gather them a greater share price, and they can easily invest in additional members. Players obtain dividends from the additional shares in members they invest in, which are counted as credits.

Social networks supported by Empire Avenue currently include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress hosted blog sites and the player’s own weblog and RSS feeds.

Empire Avenue was created to drive social media task and social media communication between the subscribed members. Users’ value boosts, in part, as a result task on social media internet sites and their very own validated blog sites and rss feeds. In addition, a member’s value increases with dividends paid-out by additional members he or she has actually obtained. Therefore, the social media activity of a player’s investments even adds to his or her game plethora. It is in members’ self-interest to follow, cherished, or otherwise contribute to the social media activity of those they obtain.

Much like additional social media games, Empire Avenue uses a solely virtual currency called Eaves as a means of acquiring shares in other players, extra rights within the exchange, advertising and services. Eaves can be purchased with real-world currency through PayPal, however can not be exchanged for real-world currency.

Empire Avenue is a stock exchange, but it has one key distinction from Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange: it puts a price on individuals instead of companies. Members utilize online money to buy and sell shares in other individuals and websites, and the worth of each “stock” is determined in part by the user’s engagement on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Being dependent on that you ask, Empire Avenue is either an empowering and addictive individual branding tool, or simply an additional creepy sign that modern-day society is going down the tubes.

Empire Avenue has actually been criticized for putting a price on things that can’t, or should not, be quantified. “People should not be commoditized,” To me it is a fun measuring stick that can and should be used as a guide for social meda engagement.

Now for my first group of Investors that I am recognizing for their investment in me! They can be found here!